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Reese Freeman

President / General Contractor

As the General Manager of SMCD, I lead the organization through the most volatile time in its history while managing tremendous growth and organizational restructuring. I developed the company’s centralized database, organized to maximize growth potential and productivity which will reward dividends for years to come. I revolutionized the company’s project budget tracking system by introducing a sign-off change order documentation, standardized budget sheets and forecasts, and created a budget adjustment system for improved transparency and liability mitigation. I introduced schedules to the organization at the project and portfolio level, improving the company’s ability to maneuver labor and sequence project phases. I created job descriptions, organizational role has filled in my roll, and onboarded three new employees that I helped hire and mentor, including the company’s new CFO/VP.

I developed a modest construction skillset at an early age while helping my father remodel homes. I put these skills to work as a carpenter and a woodshop supervisor at the University of Vermont, studying building and ecosystem science. Shortly after college, the State of Vermont awarded me a grant to enroll in the Yestermorrow Design and Build School. Here I developed business skills and found an opportunity to integrate them with refined construction and science skills. Entrepreneurial and educational pursuits eventually had me traveling all over the country, learning everything I could as a carpenter, an apprentice electrician, a welder, and a window technician, while adding some business skills and building certificates along the way. Over the past 7 years, I have developed an understanding of how these trades collaborate as a system under the lens of a viable business model.

While working with me you can expect patience, proactivity, and a wide variety of knowledge in both construction and organizational development. I have a penchant for systems thinking and a methodical approach to how I manage projects and organizations. Education is a pillar of my career in construction and I will continue to pursue new knowledge to leverage improvements in myself, projects and organizations. My motivation is simple. I believe that beautiful spaces enhance the prospect of peace.


Add value to the Steamboat community by propping up local talent and increase the capacity for select projects that meet our mission.


Add value to the Steamboat community by propping up local talent and increase the capacity for select projects that meet our mission.

  • Build with sustainability, longevity, and quality in mind.
  • Attract top local talent.
  • Reflect on how our work affects the community.
  • Provide clients transparency, respect, and dedication.
  • Offer service that others in the industry are not.
  • Work with integrity and passion.
  • Be creative, be patient, be calm, and be happy.
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated, and be empathetic.
  • Be consistent and methodical in delivering projects.
  • Always keep researching, learning and improving.